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last updated 03 November 2017

The infocomm and media sectors are key sectors in Singapore’s economy.

In its role as an industry developer, the IMDA seeks to promote innovation and nurture talents in the sector, ranging from technology startups to creative media individuals. The aim is to ensure that the industry is globally competitive and remains the nucleus for businesses in the region.

Infocomm Media 2025

IMDA’s objectives are aligned to the Infocomm Media 2025 Plan, which envisions a Singapore transformed for the better by infocomm media. In a nation where infocomm media enables a better quality of life through world-class connectivity, compelling local content and technologies, entrepreneurs and companies will find a living lab where they can experiment and innovate for sustainable economic growth.

In its industry development efforts, IMDA is focused on realising these desired outcomes. It seeks to create a globally competitive ecosystem that enables Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, effects economic and social transformation and creates enriching and compelling content.

Talent Development

Key to sustainable growth is the development of talented individuals in the country. IMDA seeks to create an ecosystem where individuals in Singapore seeking a career in the industry can get the exposure, knowledge and experience they require, through partnerships with the industry.

Programmes & Grants

Through a wide variety of funding schemes, the IMDA directly supports enterprises, individuals, small and medium enterprises and startups to get a headstart in the infocomm media field. From a scheme that enables the partners to collaborate on agile development to one catering to film mentorship, IMDA seeks to empower the industry to become globally competitive.


IMDA is also in charge of ensuring Singapore has the infrastructure required for the latest infocomm media services. From Digital TV to Wireless@SG, the nationwide free hotspot service, the goal is to have the underlying foundation ready for content and services today as well as the future.


IMDA has developed physical locations where individuals and startups can work on their creative, innovative ideas and realise their potential. These include spaces for creators as well as game developers in Singapore.

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