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Small and Medium Enterprises

last updated 20 November 2017

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are a vital cog to both the infocomm and media sectors as well as the Singapore economy.

To support local SMEs, the IMDA has developed an array to schemes which are tailored to their specific needs.

SMEs can also apply for schemes such as IRAS’ Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”) or find out other government assistance and grant on SME Portal.


  • Optimising the deployment of field workers (cleaners, maintenance, delivery, inspectors, etc.) through higher visibility of needs and availability of workers

  • Better use of logistics vehicles through smart queue systems and information from traffic systems

  • Smarter automation through the use of sensors and robots in F&B, retail, construction and transport

  • New business from the Smart Environment as Singapore uses more energy management and sustainable environment technologies (such as smart lighting, emission detection, etc.)

Technology is Your Game Changer

Reduced Operating Costs
(quoted by 67% of SME respondents)
Less Manpower Required
(quoted by 57% of SME respondents)
(quoted by 42% of SME respondents)
70% of SMEs have reaped benefits from their ICT investments within 1 year of implementation

(Source : SME Development Survey 2015, DP Information Group)

If you are an SME and have some idea on how to explore possibilities for the Smart Nation, speak to us now!

Programmes and Initiatives

  • SMEs Go Digital

    Announced at Budget 2017, the SMEs Go Digital programme aims to help SMEs use digital technologies, build strong digital capabilities and participate in the Digital Economy. Read more
  • Fibre Ready Scheme

    IMDA's ICT for Productivity and Growth (IPG) Programme was announced during Budget 2014. This includes a Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS), which is applicable to non-residential buildings. Over the past few years, fibre take-up by non-residential users has risen steadily, and has exceeded 85% as at April 2017.Read more
  • Infocomm Initiatives

    Find out more about infocomm initiatives availableRead more
  • Development Assistance

    ​Good ideas and stories are important as a first step to any ​strong media product or offering. IMDA helps companies come up with compelling stories and ideas that can be developed and subsequently, be ready for production.Read more
  • Production Assistance

    Production Assistance encourages media productions that highlight Singapore talents in credited roles. IMDA will support up to 40% of a project’s qualifying expenses that are directly linked to the project and contribute significantly to the development of Singapore.Read more
  • Marketing Assistance

    ​​​Marketing Assistance helps media companies market their productions to their target audience and grow overseas demand for Singapore-produced content.​ Read more
  • New Talent Feature Grant

    Singapore Film Commission (SFC) ​provides funding for directors to produce their first or second feature films.Read more