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last updated 08 September 2017

As a key contributor to the Digital Economy strategy, the Accreditation@IMDA programme has a vital role in growing and nurturing the local ICM technology ecosystem.

Overview of Accreditation@IMDA Programme

As a key contributor to the Digital Economy strategy, the Accreditation@IMDA programme has a vital role in growing and nurturing the local ICM technology ecosystem. The programme was launched in July 2014 to:


Accredit promising and innovative Singapore-based high-growth ICM product companies to establish credentials and position them as qualified contenders to government and large enterprise buyers.


Provide potential end users with the assurance of the accredited companies’ product core functionalities and ability to deliver.


Build an innovative technopreneur ecosystem to drive economic growth, inspire the younger generation, and build more innovative products and tech product companies that can scale overseas.

To achieve accreditation, companies have to be evaluated on three aspects: Technical, Financial and Operations, as shown in Figure 1.



To date, we have accredited a varied of innovative tech products and more companies are currently undergoing the accreditation process.

Helping Companies Win Work

stategic-partnerships co-created-projects worldwide-footprint increased-company-valuation
Strategically reached out to more than 250 key decision makers in more than 100 government agencies and leading enterprises, to create recurring market access platforms. Co-created strategic projects to generate breakthrough market opportunities. Accelerated expansion into international markets through strategic partners’ worldwide footprint. Increased the company’s attractiveness to investors and increase the company’s valuation.

Continuing Outcomes (Updated as of 31st May 2017)

Over S$70 million worth of government project opportunities created for accredited companies.To date, more than 90 projects have been awarded. The accreditation process and increased business traction also increases the attractiveness for growth capital investment by changing the risk reward ratio for investors. To-date, S$28.9 million of new growth capital has been invested in 9 of our companies during and after accreditation.

Accreditation Process

A summary of the process for Accreditation@IMDA is illustrated in the figure below.


Interested companies can find out more on the details of the process in our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions

Accredited Company List (Updated as of 30th June 2017)

The following is a list of companies whose products have attained the accredited status:

Category Ad Tech
iVideoSmart Pte Ltd – iVideo Suite
Contact Website: www.ivideosmart.com
Contact: Lee Sze Chin
Tel: 9846 6140
Email: sq@ivideosmart.com
Category Energy Management Solution
Anacle Systems Ltd – Starlight
Contact Website: www.anacle.com
Contact: Alex Lau
Tel: 9634 5573
Email: alex.lau@anacle.com
Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd – E2Accura
Website: www.bbp.sg
Contact: Poyan Rajamand
Tel: 9712 9479
Email: pr@bbp.sg
Evercomm Uni-Tech Singapore Pte Ltd – EMS
Contact Website: www.evercomm.com.sg
Contact: Ted Chen
Tel: 8344 7568
Email: ted@evercomm.com.sg
Category Enterprise Search
Taiger Singapore Pte Ltd – iSearch
Contact Website: www.taiger.com
Contact: Henri-Christian Hartloff
Tel: 9387 2566
Email: henri.hartloff@taiger.com
Category Fraud Management (Payment & Account Takeover)
CashShield Pte Ltd - CashShield
Contact Website: www.cashshield.com
Contact: Marc Lee
Tel: 6569 3686
Email: marc.lee@cashshield.com
Category Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
Deep Identity Pte Ltd - Deep IACM with add-on modules Deep IM and Deep DGM
Contact Website: www.deepidentity.com
Contact: Siva Belasamy
Tel: 6848 7325
Email: siva@deepidentity.com
Category Intelligent Virtual Assistant
Taiger Singapore Pte Ltd – iConverse
Contact Website: www.taiger.com
Contact: Henri-Christian Hartloff
Tel: 9387 2566
Email: henri.hartloff@taiger.com
Category Knowledge Sharing and Management
Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd - EasiShare
Contact Website: www.inspire-tech.com
Contact: Sharon Teo
Tel: 9003 3001
Email: sharon@inspire-tech.com
Third Sight Pte Ltd - Third Sight
Website: www.thirdsight.net
Contact: Teo Kok Hoon
Tel: 6253 2959
Email: biz_enquiry@thirdsight.net
Category Linked Data / Data Management
DC Frontiers Pte Ltd – Handshakes
Contact Website: www.handshakes.com.sg
Contact: Daryl Neo
Tel: 6871 8821
Email: darylneo@handshakes.com.sg
Latize Pte Ltd - Ulysses
Contact Website: www.latize.com
Contact: K Biju
Tel: 9791 3274
Email: biju@latize.com
Sense InfoSys Pte Ltd – Klaver + Graylist
Contact Website: www.senseinfosys.com
Contact: Stephen Chow
Tel: 9825 0180
Email: stephencnk@senseinfosys.com
Category Mobile Application Development Platform
Tagit Pte Ltd - Mobeix
Contact Website: www.tagitmobile.com 
Contact: Sandeep Bagaria
Tel: 9760 1220
Email: sandeep.bagaria@tagitmobile.com
Category Mobile and Web Security
V-Key Pte Ltd - V-OS, V-Guard, V-Track & V-Tap
Contact Website: www.v-key.com 
Contact: Wong Lay Been
Tel: 8228 8397
Email: laybeen.wong@v-key.com
Category Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Systems
AeroLion Technologies Pte Ltd – BlackLion UAS
Contact Website: www.aerolion.com
Contact: Wang Fei
Tel: 9274 0043                     
Email: wangfei@aerolion.com
Hope Technik Pte Ltd – Spider UAS & AGV
Contact Website: www.hopetechnik.com
Contact: Michael Leong
Tel: 6877 0193
Email: michaelleong@hopetechnik.com
Category Video Analytics
KAI Square Pte Ltd - Video Analytics-as-a-Service (VAaaS) Solution
Contact Website: www.kaisquare.com
Contact: Neo Shi Yong
Tel: 6634 8809
Email: contact@kaisquare.com
Trakomatic Pte Ltd - OTrack & OSense
Contact Website: www.trakomatic.com
Contact: Allen Lin
Tel: 9851 9558
Email: allen@trakomatic.com

Contact Details

For clarifications or to find out more details on the programme, please contact accreditation@imda.gov.sg.

One of our strategic partners, Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), is keen to connect with technology-SMEs who possess innovative and game-changing ideas that can contribute to Singapore’s defence capabilities. If you are interested, DSTA would like to hear from you at https://www.dsta.gov.sg/business/introduce-your-company.

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