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Training Evaluation Framework (for Training Institutions)

last updated 03 November 2017

Evaluation of Training Courses for Talent Assistance Specialised Training Grant Scheme (Effective 1 June 2015)

Local training institutions may submit their training courses for IMDA’s evaluation for Talent Assistance Specialised Training Grant Scheme. Refer to the submission details below.

Training courses supported by IMDA will be published on Six Degrees’ website, with hyperlinks to the training institutions’ websites.

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents holding the following occupations are eligible for the grants:

(a) media employees of Singapore-registered media companies;

(b) media freelancers; or

(c) fresh media graduates who meet the following criteria:

All grant applications have to be submitted to Six Degrees at least ​21 calendar days before the commencement date of the course. Late applications will not be accepted.

Training institutions have to submit the documents listed below once to ensure the credibility of the training providers.


S/NAreas of EvaluationDocuments to be Submitted

Legal Entity

(a) ACRA business profile

(b) Any other relevant certificates / letters from the registration, accreditation and / or regulatory bodies such as Council for Private Education.

(c) Write-up of the training institution, which includes:

  • Staff strength, such as number of training administrators and trainers;

  • All the various types of courses conducted and the new courses to be conducted by the institution; and

  • General profile of the participants, such as the industries they are working in and their occupations.


Sound Financial Health

(a) Most recent 3-year financial statements (include list of current assets, if any). Following which, annual financial statements have to be submitted to IMDA.

(b) New training institutions without financial statements need to provide a write-up and documents to justify their business continuity and expansion plans as a training institution (e.g. how the institution will be financed, how the institution plans to reach out to the media professionals in the industry).


Conducive Learning Environment

(a) Details and photos of physical facilities and infrastructure for delivery of training.

4Course Registration and Payment Collection System

(a) Course registration form template. Please provide screenshots of the course registration system if registration is done online.

(b) Sample of receipt issued to participants. Please provide screenshots of the payment system if payment can be made online (participants must be able to print or be issued with receipts for their payments made).


Feedback Channel

(a) Course evaluation form template. Please provide screenshots of the course evaluation form if participants’ feedback can be submitted online.

With the exception of financial statements that have to be submitted to IMDA on annual basis, training institutions do not need to resubmit the documents above, unless there are changes to any of the items or upon request by IMDA for audit purposes.

Only specialised media courses, workshops and masterclasses of maximum 30 participants per class are supported under Talent Assistance Specialised Training Grant Scheme. In addition, they must also meet the following criteria: 

  • Training in creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills (e.g. storyboarding, scriptwriting, e-publishing, cinematography, media financing and media project management skills); 
  • Not available under the Creative Industries Workforce Skill Qualifications (CI WSQ) framework nor supported by other agencies; 
  • Do not constitute or provide credit exemption for any diploma or degree qualifications; 
  • andTargets media practitioners in the animation, broadcast, film, games, interactive and online media or publishing sector. 

Courses will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Relevance of the subject matter to the industry; 
  • Trainer’s industry and teaching experience. The trainer should possess minimally two years of relevant industry experience and at least one year of teaching experience in delivering similar course; 
  • Course outline, structure and methodology and how the training would deepen the skills of media professionals; 
  • Competitiveness of the course fee against similar courses conducted for the media industry; and​​​​​ 
  • Previous course participants’ feedback, if any.​ 

IMDA may ask for additional documents or information not listed above to aid in the evaluation, and/or request for a site visit. 

All course proposals have to be submitted to IMDA using the official course proposal template. To avoid any delay in processing please ensure that all required information are submitted to IMDA by the deadline. 

IMDA’s support for the courses does not imply endorsement for any commercial product used in conducting the training. All publicity materials that indicate MDA’s support must be submitted to IMDA for approval prior to use. 

IMDA’s decision is final. No appeal will be entertained. 

IMDA will allow an approved course to be rescheduled up to a maximum of two times. Thereafter, IMDA reserves the right to re-evaluate the eligibility of the course for Specialised Training and Training Allowance grants if the course has been rescheduled more than twice. 

Six Degrees will conduct random spot checks, on behalf of IMDA, on 10% of the successful applicants who have received the final payment every quarter, by verifying with the training providers on their attendance and payment made. Training providers are to provide the relevant confirmation and information to Six Degrees for this purpose.

IMDA will also request for an update on the details of the courses, profile of the trainees and course feedback, to review our support for recurring runs. Training institutions are to ensure that such records are made available upon request.

Any changes to the details of the pre-approved courses have to be submitted to IMDA, using the official course proposal template​ , for our review. Training providers are expected to update IMDA if any of the courses are cancelled or have ceased.

Application DatelineTraining DatesNotice on Evaluation OutcomeUpdate on Six Degrees' website (and for public application)
4th August 2017Courses starting in / after SeptemberEnd August/early SeptemberMid-September

IMDA will not accept any applications outside of these application windows.

Please email your documents to: 

Ms Rohaya Mohd Yusoff 

Human Capital Division

Email: Talent_Assistance@imda.gov.sg.