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Healthcare and Wellness

last updated 28 November 2016

Infocomm media technologies opens up new possibilities for integrating healthcare data to allow better management of patients, and empower people to manage their own health. IMDA explores ways in which technologies can bring about these outcomes, as our rapidly aging population and limited manpower continue to exert pressures on our healthcare system.

IMDA is partnering with the industry to co-develop ideas and solutions to meet the healthcare and wellness needs of the Singapore population.

Using wearables and IOT technologies, we explore extending medical care beyond the hospital premises to patients’ homes and the community, where patients and those at-risk can be empowered to self-monitor their health vitals and seek medical help before they get seriously ill.

Using advanced data technologies, we expand the insights that clinical researchers and doctors can derive from analysing clinical and genetic data, thereby helping to shape potential new healthcare models for precision medicine.  

Programme Details

  • Smart Health-Assist

    Providing better and more affordable healthcare has been a challenge for both developed and developing countries. In Singapore, up to 48 per cent of our disease burden is related to chronic diseases. This proportion is set to grow. Read more
  • Health Data Grid

    The desire to continue providing high quality, cost effective healthcare services to Singaporeans is a key driver for a robust research and analytics IT platform to support clinical research, policy formulation and capacity planning.Read more
  • Genomics-driven Precision Medicine

    Advances in whole of genome analysis and sequencing technology have made it possible for clinicians to gain better understanding of the response to disease treatment. Read more