Dead Mine

Last Updated on 07 June 2018
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De Ming hates his job as a dentist and was forced into it by his mother. One day, he attends a motivational workshop and is convinced to follow his childhood dream. De Ming takes a leap of faith and quits his job. Fearing objections from his mother, De Ming tries to hide his new life. However, he still got caught and tension builds up between them. His mother eventually realises that she needs to let her son live his life. Given this new resolve, De Ming successfully auditions for the lead role in a stage play.

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Running time

92 minutes



Key cast

Ario Bayu, Joe Taslim, Mike Lewis, Jaitov Tigor, Miki Mizuno, Sam Hazeldine, Les Loveday, Carmen Soo, James Taenaka

International sales/distribution

HBO Asia

Year of release

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