Ms J Contemplates Her Choice

Last Updated on 02 May 2018
ms j contemplates her choice

Singer Kit Chan takes on the role of radio personality Ms J, whose life changes irrevocably when an anonymous caller dials in with a hidden agenda. Ms J receives a phone call while on air, and sets in motion a series of events that threaten her life and her family. Forced to choose between saving a prostitute or a loanshark, her choice is soon confronted by public outcry.

Part psychological thriller, part societal treatise, the film nimbly moves between three narratives that dovetail eventually, shedding light on contemporary issues in Singapore with an exploration of morality and the consequences of free will.

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Running time

88 minutes



Key cast

Kit Chan, Bobby Tonelli, Xiang Yun, Shane Pow, Seraph Sun

International sales/distribution

(55) 6376 0177

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