The Last Artisan

Last Updated on 03 May 2019
The Last Artisan

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The past and present converge at Singapore's Haw Par Villa - an 80-year old Chinese theme park where hundreds of colourful statues convey poignant myths and morals. After a 7-decade tenure as its head artisan, Mr. TEO Veoh Seng is now retiring and passing his tools and paintbrushes to two Mainland Chinese nearly half his age. Will they be able to pick up a lifetime of skills in a matter of months? As craftsmanship and life lessons are imparted to the next generation, the dramatic history of Haw Par Villa serves as a metaphor for a country transitioning from its analogue past to a digital future.




Running time

88 minutes


4K / 2K DCP

Key cast

Teo Veoh Seng, Chen Jin Long, Zhang Hua Bing, Dolly Lim, Adeline Teo

International sales/distribution

Latent Image Productions


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