Wahyuni Hadi Producer

Last Updated on 10 April 2018
wahyuni hadi

Wahyuni Hadi is a film producer and curator known for her promotion of Singapore cinema. She specializes in the management of film & media projects, and oversees the film programme at Objectifs. Her career began in the visual arts and she has since worked as Senior Programme Manager (Film) at The Substation and Commissioning Editor at Mediacorp TV12. She also co-founded Fly By Night Video Challenge with filmmaker Tan Pin Pin in 2003. In 2008-2009, she headed the Singapore International Film Festival as festival director.

Yuni was a Co-Producer of Anthony Chen’s critically acclaimed Ilo Ilo. She rejoined the film festival as Executive Director in 2014. Yuni was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship 2016 and selected as the 2016 United Technologies Corporation Fellow. She holds an M.A in Arts Management from Lasalle College of the Arts.

She is the director of Objectifs.