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last updated 18 December 2017

Like the garages where many great ideas are turned into reality, spaces where passionate startups and new companies seek to develop the latest infocomm technology or media content are crucial to a Smart Nation seeking to create, not just consume.

In collaboration with the industry, IMDA has been supporting the creation of such spaces to enable individuals and companies to come together with great ideas, develop their first prototypes and learn from experienced mentors in a conducive environment.

PIXEL Studios will assist online content creators by providing online creation capabilities and digital services, technology and platforms. Qualified media professionals and media experts have been contributing insights to equip creators here with skills in online content production, monetisation and fan engagement.

Separately, the Games Solution Centre (GSC) has provided a one-stop resource centre to enable game developers here to rapidly prototype a game and to get the technical support in resources such as Sony Playstation Development Kits for the game console.

For ICT startups, PIXEL Labs now provide convergence spaces for individuals and companies to collaborate. These facilities enable them to work on areas such as generating new ideas, developing new technologies and testing out proof of concepts.

  • PIXEL Labs

    Opened in March 2014, PIXEL Labs (formerly IDA Labs), have been nurturing our talent to create and build a host of ground-breaking products and solutions as part of Singapore’s Smart Nation drive to address real-world challenges both locally and globally. With the restructuring of IDA and MDA into the IMDA in 2016, the IMDA oversees the operations of IDA Labs today.Read more
  • PIXEL Studios

    PIXEL Studios is an initiative by IMDA for next generation content creators and media businesses, to come together to conceptualise stories, produce online videos, develop games, create prototypes and innovate.Read more