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UPSCALING digital capabilities for better business practices

Gain deeper consumer insights and scale up through responsible use of data with Better Data Driven Business.

Free tools and guidance to help SMEs use data responsibly when growing their businesses.


The Better Data Driven Business programme (BDDB) provides free tools and guidance to help SMEs better safeguard their customers’ personal data while making more effective use of data to remain competitive.

The BDDB aims to support two types of SMEs – those that are starting to learn to use data to generate insights, and those that seek to apply and share data for more complex purposes. The BDDB, which is embedded with data protection measures and practices, adopts a differentiated approach to better assist both types.

The resources will be made available between 2021 and 2022.

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How it benefits

For SMEs that already collect some business data but have not had it analysed for business insights, the BDDB programme will help them start using their data – with a focus on anonymised data and non-personal data – to support decision making through:

  • A free, easy-to-use business intelligence tool that converts collected data into rich visualisations that can generate insights to fulfil common business objectives, such as:
    1. Growing the sales of products;
    2. Acquiring new customers;
    3. Upselling or cross-selling products;
    4. Optimising inventory management; and
    5. Optimising manpower allocation.
  • Step-by-step guidance to help SMEs process and interpret data in a way that creates insights to develop actionable business plans while protecting customers’ personal data at the same time.

For SMEs that already collect and use data but are ready to expand their use of data, the BDDB will help them gain the confidence to leverage data in a safe and responsible manner for a wider and more complex range of uses, as part of digitalisation.


The BDDB tools, training and resources aim to enable them to:

  • Collect necessary data safely;
  • Combine data across systems with adequate protections; and
  • Share data externally with partners and suppliers safely, in line with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) obligations.
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Last updated on: 21 Jul 2021