Digital Services Lab's Success Stories

Learn how Digital Service Lab’s tools and technologies have been propagated among the services sector to catalyse digitalisation in Singapore.

National Speech Corpus

NSC enhanced with 1,000 hours of natural voice recording.

Straits Times' report on NSC V2.0 which added 1,000 hours of Conversational Speech, an update of NSC V1.0 which comprised of 2,000 Read Speech.

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Interspeech 2019

The National Speech Corpus was presented at INTERSPEECH 2019

IMDA DSL’s “Building the Singapore English National Speech Corpus” paper was accepted and presented at the INTERSPEECH 2019 conference held in Austria.

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OCBC Emma Video

OCBC’s collaboration with IMDA

Head of E-Business of OCBC Bank, Mr. Pranav Seth shared how OCBC was working with IMDA to provide a uniquely Singaporean voice for their chat-bot, “EMMA”.

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Artificial intelligence library

Artificial intelligence library with voice sample in Singapore English to launch in 2018.

Straits Times’ coverage on the launch of IMDA’s AI library with voice samples in Singapore.

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Artificial Intelligence

Singapore embraces AI with open source libraries and talent development

IMDA’s announcement on initiatives in Artificial Intelligence (AI), consisting of the National Speech Corpus V1.0, Intelligent Sensing Toolbox and the AI Talent Development programme.

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NSC used in SCDF

NSC is used by AISG in the development of SCDF Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR995) engine

The NSC has been used by AISG to develop the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Automatic Speech Recognition engine (ASR995) to understand locally accented English.

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Natural Speech and Transcription Technologies

New initiatives launched to help companies adopt emerging technologies

Channel News Asia’s coverage on the release of IMDA’s National Speech Corpus. The NSC is used to teach an automated transcription software co-developed by Mediacorp and IMDA.

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Intelligent Sensing Toolbox

Intelligent Data Centres

The Digital Services Lab (DSL) Team designed outlier detection to help National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) identify the causes behind abnormal behaviours of server nodes within a data centre.

For this project, large amounts of data sets from thousands of computer nodes were analysed. NSCC’s live power usage effectiveness (PUE) readings improved from 1.32-1.36 to 1.28-1.29. 

This project was piloted successfully in 2017, in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Red Dot Analytics (RDA).

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

The Digital Services Lab (DSL) Team replicated the Intelligent Sensing model to help Venture Corporation improve their printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) manufacturing process.

For this project, millions of machine log entries were captured and analysed to predict problematic component feeders so as to reduce the chances of failure.

Intelligent Building

Intelligent Building

The Digital Services Lab (DSL) Team has worked with Keppel Data Centres to highlight the benefits of Machine Learning-based Outlier Detection in diagnosing failures and detecting false alarms.

For this project, the health conditions of Chiller Plant Systems including Chiller, Water Pumps, Cooling Towers, Air Handling Units (AHU), were analysed in order to identify anomalies. The baseline was established by using machine learning algorithms modeling normal and various fault conditions to detect deviations, that could signify equipment wear-and-tear.

Smart Future for Data Centres

A smart future for data centres

Artificial intelligence and how it can help to boost the efficiency of data centres were discussed in this dialogue session.

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Last updated on: 30 Oct 2019