Fibre Ready Scheme

IMDA's ICT for Productivity and Growth (IPG) Programme was announced during Budget 2014. This includes a Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS), which is applicable to non-residential buildings. (Note: As at end March 2018, the Fibre Ready Scheme grant application has closed)

Over the past few years, fibre take-up by non-residential users has risen steadily, and has exceeded 85% as at April 2017.

IMDA will focus efforts towards supporting the digital transformation journey of enterprises through programmes such as SMEs Go Digital, Accreditation@SG Digital, TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA). For more information on these IMDA’s efforts in the Digital Economy, please visit SG Digital.

Future-Proof Your Building

IMDA's ICT for Productivity and Growth (IPG) Programme was announced during Budget 2014. This includes Fibre Ready Scheme (FRS) which was launched to benefit building owners of non-residential buildings.

The FRS will subsidise a one-time installation of infrastructure that will provide open access to ultra-high speed fibre broadband to 100% of tenants in a non-residential building. Under the FRS, building owners can apply for a subsidy of up to 90% of the cost of new in-building infrastructure, capped at $300,000. 

With a one-time installation of infrastructure under the FRS, building owners can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Reduced ad-hoc installation works, any works done will be less disruptive
  2. Less riser and ceiling congestion
  3. Safer environment with reduced height and fire-loading issues, night works and labour-intensive activities
  4. Ease of maintenance that will allow fast repairs and trouble-shooting if a centralised containment system is deployed

A total sum of $200M has been set aside to help prepare buildings for fibre infrastructure. As part of the grant, the government would also expect building owners to facilitate any additional works required to provide fibre services to enterprises.

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FRS Project Time Line 

  1. Building owner engages contractor for site survey and shortlists the contractor.
  2. Building owner submits completed grant application to IMDA.
  3. IMDA evaluates the application, and issues the Letter of Offer upon approval of application. IMDA’s timeline is subject to correctness and clarity of application and supporting documents submitted that allows IMDA to expediently review, evaluate and process the application. Where further (recurring) clarifications are required with the applicant due to discrepancies, incorrect or unclear information in the application form and supporting documents, this timeline will be correspondingly extended.
  4. Building owner has up to 4 weeks to accept the Letter of Offer.
  5. Once the building owner accepts the offer, they will inform the contractor to start their installation work.
  6. Once the installation work is complete, building owner informs IMDA. IMDA will then arrange for site inspection.
  7. Once the site inspection is completed satisfactorily, IMDA will certify that the installation work is complete by writing to building owner. The building owner proceeds to make 100% payment of project costs to the contractor.
  8. Final claim must be submitted (with audit by an external certified public accountant if approved grant amount is $100k) no later than 3 months from the end of the Qualifying Period.
  9. IMDA will evaluate the claim documents and make any disbursement within 3 months.

FAQs on the Fibre Ready Scheme

List of In-building Infrastructure Prices

This is a list of prices for commonly used works for the installation of in-building infrastructure eligible for funding under the Fibre Ready Scheme. This list serves as a guide for building owners to estimate the likely costs of works to be carried out under the FRS, and is not to be taken as any form of endorsement or recommendation by IMDA. The figures quoted are based on actual projects that have been awarded grants under the FRS, and include material and labour costs. Some projects may be more complex depending on various factors such as the number of tenants on each floor of the building, the number of risers serving each floor, and other limitations within the building.

For each FRS application, IMDA will base the qualifying amount for each item on the list shown above. For items that are significantly higher than that shown in the list, the qualifying amount will be adjusted accordingly unless suitable justification (as determined by IMDA) is provided.

Whilst IMDA has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information contained in the listing is complete and accurate, please note that the list is not intended to be exhaustive and is provided ‘AS IS’ without any express or implied warranty of any kind. The actual contracted price for works or services carried out under the project is strictly on a private basis between the building owner and the contractor. IMDA shall not be responsible for the quality of the services or products provided by the contractor, and any dispute arising from the services or products provided are to be resolved directly between the building owner and the contractor, without the involvement of IMDA.

List of Contractors

This is a list of some of the contractors who may be familiar with the design and specifications of infrastructure enhancement installations to facilitate access to fibre services.

The engagement of the above contractors is strictly on a private basis between the building owner and the contractor. If there is disagreement on the pricing, schedule or quality of the works or services, both parties are advised to resolve the matter between themselves or seek assistance through CASE or the Small Claims Tribunals. Alternatively, you could seek remedy through court proceedings.

The listing of the above contractors is not to be taken as any form of endorsement or recommendation by IMDA. IMDA assumes no responsibility or liability for the workmanship, pricing, schedule, quality of the works or services arising from the engagement of the contractor. The listing of the above contractors serves as a guide and is not exhaustive or an endorsement of the contractor's performance. The building owner may consult other sources such as Yellow Pages and check for other contractors.

List of Buildings Completed

This is a list of buildings which have completed the installation under the Fibre Ready Scheme.

Attn: All Fibre Operators Any fibre operator who wish to use the ABF microduct infrastructure provided by the building owner shall:

  • Obtain approval from the building owner for the use of the ABF microduct infrastructure and clearly indicate:
  1. the ABF microduct to be used;
  2. the fibre operator using the ABF microduct; and
  3. the unit number which the ABF microduct is serving;
  • Engage a licensed contractor to install fibres in the ABF microduct(s);

List of Service Providers

You may wish to contact the list of service providers for in-building fibre services, or any showcase of road shows.

For service providers who would like to participate, please complete the attached form (342.25KB) and send an email to

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Last updated on: 28 Feb 2020