Traditionally, ICT SMEs develop products, services and solutions that are built on legacy monolithic software architecture as one single complex system interconnected and prone to failure. These solutions are not modular enough, highly complex and lacking in scalability and flexibility.

On the other hand, customers have become savvier and more demanding. They are no longer buying lock-stock-barrel solutions. Instead, they are buying cloud native microservices to plug into their existing solution.

Cloud native architecture is made up of small loosely coupled components, independently developed and hence more resilient and flexible to changes. To be sure, cloud native is not Service Oriented Architecture and is also not about just lift and shift to the cloud. That is only being cloud-based. Tech SMEs still have not taken the full benefits of cloud computing. Cloud Native comprises shifts in the process, architecture, tools and infrastructure.  

GoCloud is designed to support local Tech SMEs to develop a green-field Cloud Native Microservices application or transform traditional software architecture and development practices to software applications deployed and delivered as Cloud Native Microservices and DevOps.

Kindly note that our GoCloud programme has ended. Interested companies can still approach any of the Service Providers listed below on your own (previously appointed by IMDA) if you are looking for consultancy and training to equip development teams of Tech SMEs with digital capabilities in Cloud Native, Microservices and DevOps.

The contact details of the Service Providers are as follows:

Appointed Service Provider Email Contact
Amazon Web Services
Cloud Comrade Pte Ltd
Human Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd

If companies that are seeking support for improving software development practices to improve internal productivity or development of a new cloud native product, it can be supported through Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) as part of the company’s automation or product development project.

To find out more information about the EDG grant from Enterprise Singapore, kindly click on this link.

What is Tech Capability Assessment Tool in Cloud Native?

IMDA has developed a Tech Capability Assessment Tool to help ICT SMEs assess their capabilities and readiness to adopt Cloud Native as part of their journey for digitalisation. The free online tool will guide SMEs through a series of questions to enable them to assess their current state of digital capabilities. At the end of the assessment, the company will receive a report which provides insights on the current state of its capability and the gaps covering Cloud Adoption, Architecture Practice, Software Methodology Practice and Culture and Teaming which need to be addressed for them to build up Cloud Native capability.

How do I access the tool?

To start assessing the level of maturity your company in the area of Cloud Native, click the icon below to access the Tech Capability Assessment Tool (Cloud Native).

Last updated on: 12 Aug 2021