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IMDA’s Green Data Centre initiative aims to boost the competitiveness of the data centre industry by raising their overall energy efficiency and reducing their operating costs. It aims to establish Singapore-specific standards, metrics and best practices for data centre energy efficiency; raise efficiency through ratings, recognition and incentives; and foster Innovation in Green Data Centre-related products, solutions and services.

IMDA's Green ICT efforts are focused on improving energy efficiency of data centres which are heavy users of energy. IMDA is also a member of the E2PO, a whole-of-government initiative targeted at jointly promoting and facilitating the adoption of energy efficiency in Singapore.

Singapore is the data centre hub of Southeast Asia. In 2012, it held 58% of the region's data centre capacity[1]. Based on IMDA's internal estimates, the 10 largest data centre operators in Singapore account for energy consumption equivalent to 130,000 typical HDB households. An energy efficiency improvement of 20 per cent in the existing stock of commercial data centres in Singapore is estimated to be capable of yielding combined annual savings in excess of S$34 million.

To achieve Singapore's vision to be a Smart Nation, we will need sustainable computing infrastructures that make efficient use of our limited natural resources.

Programmes and Initiatives

IMDA has embarked on the Green Data Centre Innovation Programme that aims to boost the competitiveness of the data centre industry by raising their overall energy efficiency. The programme intends to:

  • Direct local R&D efforts in green data centre technologies by providing research funding for key areas of research through the Green Data Centre Research Grant Call. These research projects can be multi-disciplinary in nature, but should have a clear focus on technology transfer into actual products and services. Collaboration between the research community and the industry is strongly encouraged.
    The first stage of the Directed Call for Research Proposals in Increasing Energy Efficiency of Data Centres in Singapore has commenced. Please visit this NRF’s site for more details.
  • Spur innovation by catalysing the development and adoption of innovative green data centre related products, solutions and services through the Green Data Centre Innovation Call-for-Collaboration. IMDA intends to invite proposals from the industry to prototype and pilot innovative solutions that cut across the facilities, ICT systems and design to significantly improve the energy efficiency of local data centres.
  • Establish a Green Data Centre Innovation Hub to demonstrate emerging technologies and innovations that can be adopted by data centres. The Hub, as a data centre platform, will take a coordinated and multi-disciplinary approach towards open collaborations amongst industry. IMDA will jointly work with the industry to build and manage the Hub.
  • Develop policies and guidelines related to resource efficiency such as energy use by data centres in Singapore to achieve a sustainable computing infrastructure.

Past Initiatives

  • BCA-IMDA Green Mark for Data Centres
    To provide recognition to data centre operators that have successfully deployed Green Data Centre best practices and demonstrated superior energy and environmental performance, BCA and IMDA have developed the Green Mark scheme for Data Centres. The scheme comprises of a rating system which enables DCs to benchmark their degree of greenness with respect to their peers.

[1] BroadGroup, Data Centers South East Asia (4th Edition), 2013.


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