Overseas Participation Grant


The Overseas Participation Grant supports media professionals who have been selected for international programmes and platforms that are designed to develop their skills and projects, and build up their international connections and perspectives.

A film project lab is typically defined as a programme or course specifically created to further the development of an individual’s skillsets or project in areas such as film directing, producing, scriptwriting etc.

Besides participation at film labs, the Overseas Participation Grant (OPG) also supports participation at prestigious awards/competition events and project development platforms. 

Who can apply?

Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents who are:

  • Selected and invited to a renowned film lab; or
  • Selected and invited to a project development platform, or nominated for a prestigious award at selected awards/competitions.

A list of the supported events and programmes can be found here (650.22KB).

What IMDA supports

IMDA will support up to 100% of Qualifying Cost Items or up to $20,000, whichever is lower. Qualifying Cost Items are as follows:

For participation in film labs:

  • Round-trip Economy Airfare
  • Accommodation for the purposes of the film lab
  • Film lab participation fees

For participation in project development platforms or awards / competitions:

  • Round-trip Economy Airfare

How to apply?

Interested applicants can submit their application enquiries to SFC@imda.gov.sg or approach an IMDA Industry Officer to discuss their application. Eligible applicants will be issued an invitation by an IMDA Industry Officer via the Online Grant Management System (OGMS).

Please download the application guidelines here (759.88KB).

NOTE: Applicants are advised to apply at least three weeks before the event date to allow SFC/IMDA reasonable time to process the grant. Should the applicant decide to travel before the application result is announced, please be aware that it would be at the applicant's financial risk as all applications are subject to approval.


Interested applicants can make an inquiry with info@imda.gov.sg.

Last updated on: 05 Oct 2020