Technology Roadmap

The Technology Roadmap has identified nine key trends that will move the digital economy significantly over the next three to five years. They may be viewed either as challenges or opportunities. The biggest impact will be on the service sector as it forms the bulk of the global economy and Singapore’s GDP.

The Future of Services: Services and Digital Economy Technology Roadmap

Services 4.0 is the vision that will guide Singapore’s response to capture opportunities for the economy. With the service economy evolving from the era of manual services (Services 1.0) to the era of efficient, internet-enabled services (Services 2.0), then to self-services enabled by mobile, wireless and cloud technologies (Services 3.0), the next phase will be one of seamless services that are end-to-end, frictionless, empathic, and can anticipate customer needs in an unprecedented way using emerging technologies (Services 4.0).

In Services 4.0, businesses will need to meet changing customer needs quickly, innovate and create new value in order to differentiate themselves from competitors beyond price. Emerging technologies will make it possible for businesses to automate repetitive tasks and achieve higher productivity. However, as customers still demand human interactions, businesses should unlock growth by offering humancentric services enabled by emerging technologies. Both worker augmentation and automation will ultimately lead to the creation of new and enhanced jobs for the economy.

To support Services 4.0, the ICM ecosystem will need to respond collectively to deliver solutions that are as follows:

more cost-effectiveMore cost-effective

scalable according to demandScalable according to demand

provide easier access to emerging technologiesProvide easier access to emerging technologies

support the changing needs of service providers in an agile mannerSupport the changing needs of service providers in an agile manner

Services and Digital Economy (SDE) Technology Roadmap details

The technology areas for public and private sector organisations have been previously identified to help them understand the respective market opportunities, challenges, adoption enablers, inhibitors. This enables better navigation through the infocomm landscape and will lead to innovations that will help Singapore overcome our national challenges.

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