Smart Airport and Passenger Travel CFC

Submission Closing Date: 18 Jul 2003

13 October 2003

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Land Transport Authority (LTA), National Heritage Board (NHB), Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Singapore Tourism Board, is inviting the industry to participate in its Call-For-Collaboration (CFC) for Location-Based Services (LBS) under the Wired With Wireless programme.

Through the CFC platform, industry players could collaborate with other relevant industry players and potentially leverage on the content inputs such as map, traffic, heritage and tourist data from the supporting public agencies (LTA, NHB, SLA and STB), to develop and trial LBS. To share the associated risks and investment costs, IDA is prepared to co-fund the initial investments necessary to undertake promising LBS development and pilot projects.

What's New

Six consortia have been awarded under the Location-Based Services CFC. The six consortia are led by:

  1. Aboutwe Publishing Pte Ltd
  2. Activate Interactive Pte Ltd
  3. Agis Pte Ltd
  4. Ascent Technologies Asia Pte Ltd
  5. Atos Origin Singapore Pte Ltd
  6. CET Technologies Pte Ltd


This CFC seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Facilitate the exchange of ideas and possibilities between content providers, application developers, technology providers/wireless device manufacturers and service providers;
  2. Encourage the development, trial and pilot of innovative and/or collaborative location based services with long-term commercial viability in the scope outlined below; and
  3. Spur the adoption of location based services, thereby supporting the growth of the wireless data services industry

Who should take part in the CFC

Any relevant parties across the LBS Value Chain such as:

  • content providers
  • technology providers
  • application developers
  • wireless device manufacturers
  • service providers
  • user companies such as logistic and motoring companies

Why take part in the CFC

Companies can use the CFC as the platform to form business partnerships

  • The CFC can be used to help establish reference site to showcase and export LBS solutions to the rest of Asia
  • Companies can leverage on the sophisticated user base in Singapore
  • Selected projects may, subject to such terms and conditions as specified by IDA, benefit from disbursement grants from the government

LBS CFC Public Document

  • LBS CFC Public Document - Amended
  • LBS CFC Submission Template
  • PART IV (Annex+A) Project Costs Template


Participating companies are to take note of the following project timeline (which may be amended where necessary at iDA's sole discretion):

Date Event
21 February 2003 Launch of CFC
04 March 2003 Public Briefing
24 March 2003 Last day for registration for the networking session
28 March 2003 Networking session
29 May 2003 Last day for enquiries before final project submission
30 May 2003 Final project submission
6 June 2003 Preliminary Shortlist
Mid June 2003 Presentations of shortlisted projects to Evaluation Committee
July 2003 Award of projects

Public Briefing

A public briefing was conducted on 4 March 2003 to cover the details of the LBS CFC, including the events leading to the final award of project, and expectations of the proposals. The slides of the presentation made during the public briefing can be found here:

  • LBS CFC Public Briefing

Networking Session

The LBS CFC networking session was held on 28 March 2003 (Friday) for companies seeking partners. The event saw the participation of more than 100 companies.

Preliminary Shortlisting - 6 June 2003

The following proposals have been shortlisted. The lead company of each short-listed consortium will be informed by email.

  • LBS CFC Preliminary Shortlist

Related Links

  1. The Singapore Land Authority awarded Location-Based Services Map Content Provision licences to three consortia in August 2002.

  2. The Siemens Location Enabling Center was set up in September 2002 to provide training and support facilities for developers of wireless location-based applications. 


All questions regarding this CFC can be addressed to with subject title: "LBS CFC: "

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