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Enhancing Online Safety in Singapore

IMDA’s approach to Online Safety

Online Safety Regulation


The Online Safety (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, which took effect on 1 February 2023, contains comprehensive measures to provide for a safe online environment for users in Singapore and protects children from harmful content.

IMDA’s regulatory approach to Online Safety comprises two key components:

1. Proactive measures: Social Media Services with significant reach or impact in Singapore are expected to comply with online Codes of Practice, starting with the Code of Practice for Online Safety. This requires Designated Social Media Services to put in place measures to reduce risks from harmful social media content to Singapore users.

2. Reactive measures: All Social Media Services can be directed to block or remove egregious content found on their services within specified timelines.

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Beyond regulation, public education is crucial in enabling Singaporeans to keep themselves and their loved ones safe online. Through the Digital for Life (DfL) movement, IMDA works closely with the Media Literacy Council to develop digital literacy, promote responsible online behaviour, and cultivate a safe digital environment. We equip individuals with the knowledge and tools to safely and confidently navigate the online world through campaigns, workshops, and online resources. 

Designated Social Media Services

IMDA has designated key Social Media Services (74.90KB) to comply with the legally-binding Code of Practice for Online Safety (153.86KB). These Social Media Services are required to curb the spread of harmful and inappropriate content on their services, forge a safer online ecosystem, and protect vulnerable users such as children. Visit the Designated Social Media Services’ Safety Centres to learn more about safety tools and features you can use to keep yourself safe and how you can report inappropriate content:

The Code of Practice for Online Safety

Under the Code of Practice for Online Safety, Designated Social Media Services must:

  • An illustration of a big hand holding onto a filter, filtering out harmful online content. With icons such as online scammers, data cloud breach, online negativity. This symbolises IMDA’s community guidelines filtering out harmful content to ensure children's online safety.

    Enhance user safety by minimising the exposure of users to harmful content, particularly children.

    • Put in place community guidelines and content moderation processes to reduce the spread of harmful content.
    • Enable users to manage their own safety with appropriate tools and safety information.
    • Proactively detect and remove material and preparatory activity related to child sexual exploitation and abuse, as well as content and preparatory activity related to terrorism.
    • Provide children’s accounts with stronger protection and safety features.
  • An illustration of two people reporting harmful online behaviour, with a big phone showcasing a chat with a user being mean. This represents accessible tools that allow immediate action to report on negative online behaviours.

    Empower users by providing accessible and easy to use reporting tools to report harmful content or unwanted interactions.

    • Act on user reports in a timely and diligent manner.
    • Inform users of the outcome and any action taken in response to their reports.
  • An illustration of a big hand holding a torch lighting the way with an arrow of safety report, to show them the right way to avoid harmful content. This symbolizes being transparent about their measures, and helping users make informed choices by avoiding harmful content.

    Ensure accountability by publishing Annual Online Safety Reports.

    • The Annual Online Safety Reports will provide transparency on the safety measures put in place and experience of Singapore users on their services so that users may make informed choices.

The accompanying Guidelines (128.75KB) provide some examples of harmful and inappropriate content that Designated Social Media Services must protect users against. The categories of harmful content covered by the Code of Practice for Online Safety are:

  • Sexual content
  • Violent content
  • Suicide and self-harm content
  • Cyberbullying content
  • Content endangering public health
  • Content facilitating vice and organised crime

Dealing with egregious content

If egregiously harmful online content can be accessed by Singapore users online, IMDA can direct Social Media Services to block or remove such content found on their services within specified timelines. Egregious content includes:

  • Content advocating or instructing on suicide or self-harm
  • Content advocating or instructing on physical or sexual violence and terrorism
  • Content depicting child sexual exploitation
  • Content posing public health risks in Singapore
  • Content likely to cause racial and religious disharmony in Singapore

Annual Online Safety Reports

IMDA will publish Annual Online Safety Reports submitted by Designated Social Media Services to help users make informed choices on services that provide a safe online experience.

The first Annual Online Safety Reports will be submitted in the second half of 2024 and published here. IMDA’s response to these Annual Online Safety Reports and overall assessment of these Social Media Services' efforts to enhance Online Safety will also be published here.

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