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Quality of Service (QoS) Standards for PCMTS for Jan - Dec 2007

Call Success Rate

This refers to the number of successful calls established over the total number of mobile call attempts.

Service Coverage (Street-Level)

The definition of service coverage in this case is based on signal strength. The availability of service coverage is therefore the ability of a network in achieving a minimum signal strength of -100dBm. Of the successful calls established by the mobile networks along expressways, major and secondary roads/ streets, an average of 252,465 samples of signal strength were obtained for each network. Samples of signal strength were taken at approximately 0.5-second intervals.

Voice Quality

This refers to the network's ability in achieving an acceptable level of voice quality using the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) measure and is a complementary indicator to the service coverage indicator.


Call Dropout

This refers to the unintended disconnection of the mobile calls by the network during a 100 second call holding period for each call.


No. of Complaints Per 1000 Subscribers on Coverage

Notes :

  1. Number of complaints is based on self-reporting results submitted by the service providers to IDA on a quarterly basis. Statistical reporting provided by the different service providers may differ.
  2. Number of complaints per 1000 subscribers refers to the total number of complaints received from the subscribers to the operator on poor cell coverage per 1000 subscribers in a month. Complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction with the service provider's service, product, advertisement or policy via oral or written communication that requires some action by the service provider beyond the initial contact.
  3. Figures are rounded up to 2 decimal places. Readings under "No. of Complaints Per 1000 Subscribers" will be rounded up to 3 decimal places.