Quality of Service (QoS) Standards for Broadband Services for the Jul - Sep 2013 Quarter

1. Network Availability

Network Availability

Network Availability is the measure of the degree to which the access network is operable and not in a state of failure or outage at any point of time. That is, it measures the total downtime of the network, including the ATM switches, multiplexers, routers, e-mail facilities (if provided) and connection to 1-NET and Internet backbone over a month. All scheduled downtime for the purposes of maintenance and upgrading of the network system will be excluded from the calculation. However, all access network operators must keep their users informed of such maintenance times.

Network Availability = [(Total Operational minutes - Total minutes of service downtime) / Total operational minutes] x 100%

2. Local Network Latency

 Local Network Latency

3. International Network Latency

International Network Latency

4. Number of Complaints Per 1000 Subscribers - For Information

No. of Complaints Per 1000 Subscribers on Quality of Service

The term "complaints" is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction with the service providers' service, product, advertisement or policy via oral or written communication that requires some action by the service provider beyond the initial contact.