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IMDA regulates the performance of key services offered by operators by setting Quality of Service (QoS) standards and requiring the operators to submit periodic reports of their service quality.

Operators who fail to comply with the telecommunications QoS standards would have to pay a financial penalty ranging from S$5,000 to a maximum of S$50,000 for each instance of non-compliance. IMDA will consider all relevant factors such as (i) the extent of impact of the non-compliance; (ii) the cause of the non-compliance, (iii) the efforts taken by the service providers to meet the QoS standards; and/or (iv) any challenges faced by the service providers in meeting the QoS standards. Higher penalties may be imposed for (i) serious failures; and/or (ii) continuing or repeated breaches.

For postal QoS, non-compliance attracts a financial penalty of up to S$50,000 per month per indicator.

IMDA regularly reviews the QoS requirements to take into account industry and technology changes, as well as changes in consumer demand, to ensure that the requirements remain relevant.

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