How igloocompany is unlocking Singapore's smart city capabilities

How igloocompany is unlocking Singapore's smart city capabilities

To fuel smart city transformations in Singapore and around the world, SG:D accredited innovator igloocompany develops smart lock solutions for all situations.

By Jill Arul

Much like how our nerves pick up stimuli and transmit data back to the brain, sensors can detect and relay useful insights on the city’s true pulse—from the movements of its people to levels of vehicular emissions.

Connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), these devices seamlessly integrate with existing physical infrastructure to enable better decisions that improve our collective quality of life and secure Singapore’s place as one of the world’s smartest cities.

One such start-up fuelling the nation’s Smart Nation efforts is igloocompany, which provides innovative smart lock solutions powered by IoT and secured through cryptographic technologies. In just two years, through its product lines, igloohome for homes and iglooworks for enterprises, the company has amassed clients across Singapore, ranging from individual homeowners and landlords to schools and telecommunication corporations.

Solving key problems without physical keys

As IoT proliferates across the globe, so does security concerns and data breaches. Given the interconnected nature of such tools each new unprotected device represents a new opportunity for hackers to access and potentially harness private information for nefarious purposes. In 2019, attacks on IoT devices increased three-fold to hit the billions, likely due to the sheer number of IoT devices deployed in a multitude of smart cities.

To ensure users trust their locks, igloocompany equips their products with encryption technology to keep data—and people—safe. By encrypting sensitive data like passcodes, igloocompany ensures that the information is only accessible to the intended user. Another way igloocompany ensures security is through their patented algoPIN technology, where users generate time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys for guests anytime without needing to be near the lock.

When the lock works offline, its risks are kept to a minimum when it comes to Wi-Fi hacking. There’s no reliance on the internet for it to work and it deters those who try to launch cyber-attacks on the locks.

Mr Anthony Chow

CEO and co-founder of igloocompany

Igloocompany’s wide range of products caters to both home users and large businesses.

According to Mr Chow, algoPIN is particularly useful for iglooworks products deployed at offices and warehouses as it allows contractors or staff only temporary access to a space.

Opening doors for individuals and enterprises

To enhance Singapore’s smart city capabilities and improve efficiency for the nation’s enterprises, igloocompany’s devices can also be harnessed to collect data and extract insights.

For instance, companies can grant access appropriate to different levels of contractors and staff as well as keep a continuous log of when its spaces are used. Data can also be collected and shared to ensure enterprises comply with service level agreements, allowing them to increase efficiency and grow their businesses. Furthermore, the data can also be used to check daily activities like maintenance or cleaning schedules.

Given its wide applicability to diverse industries, igloocompany’s products have already been deployed in the education and manufacturing sector. At a secondary school, smart padlocks are currently used to help manage the storage and access to personal learning devices like laptops and tablets. By cutting down the time needed for physical key exchanges, staff are freed from tedious administrative processes—giving them the time to tend to more important matters.

Meanwhile, in the manufacturing sector, igloocompany’s products are used to track the large number of people who have access to multiple spaces.

It’s important to trace who has been where, when and for how long. Such data helps in completing audit trails, tracing movements, easing congestion and improving productivity.

Mr Chow

By developing secure smart locks that consumers can trust, with the help of IMDA’s Accreditation@SGD programme, igloocompany hopes to create a world without keys.

Unlocking greater opportunities

Through the Infocomm Media Development Authority's (IMDA) Accreditation@SG Digital (Accreditation@SGD) programme, igloocompany has had the chance to collaborate with large enterprises. On top of local opportunities, the financial, technical and operational support igloocompany gained as an IMDA-accredited SME has brought their technology to the regional market with products now sold in over 100 countries.

In the second half of 2021, igloocompany hopes to expand its reach to the US and Europe. Initially founded with property rental in mind, igloocompany continues to form meaningful partnerships with real estate agents,  home buyers and sellers, seamlessly integrating their efforts to revolutionise the real estate industry with Singapore’s Smart Nation efforts.

As smart access providers, we see access as the first touchpoint in smart homes and cities. Whether it’s for homes, shared spaces for commercial entities or property rentals—there are plenty of roles we can play.

Mr Chow

This feature is the eighth in a series of articles profiling accredited companies under IMDA’s Accreditation@SG Digital (Accreditation@SGD) programme. First launched in July 2014, Accreditation@SGD contributes to an innovative infocomm media ecosystem by accrediting promising Singapore-based tech product companies to establish their credentials, build business traction, and help them to grow and compete in the global market. The evaluation process provides an independent third party evaluation on the SGD-accredited companies’ claimed product core functionalities and ability to deliver.

As of March 2021, over S$650 million worth of project opportunities have been created for accredited companies. To date, more than 1,200 projects have been awarded and over S$386 million of new growth capital has been invested in companies during and after accreditation. For more information, please refer to this link:

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