As a key contributor to the Digital Economy strategy, the Accreditation@SGD programme has a vital role in growing and nurturing the local ICM technology ecosystem. The programme was launched in July 2014 to:


Accredit promising and innovative Singapore-based high-growth ICM product companies to establish credentials and position them as qualified contenders to government and large enterprise buyers.


Provide potential end users with the assurance of the accredited companies’ product core functionalities and ability to deliver.


Build an innovative technopreneur ecosystem to drive economic growth, inspire the younger generation, and build more innovative products and tech product companies that can scale overseas.


To improve the quality of cybersecurity products of SMEs in Singapore through the adoption of Common Criteria (CC) certification,  IMDA launched a new SecureTech track with CSA under the Accreditation@SG Digital programme from March 2019. This is part of the efforts to grow the Cybersecurity ecosystem in Singapore and enable SG:D Accredited SecureTech companies to expand internationally through tapping on the track record built in Singapore. Through the SecureTech Track, IMDA and CSA will also encourage and ease the adoption and procurement of SG:D Accredited SecureTech products by government agencies and enterprises. Under this new track, companies are required to obtain CC certification for the product to be accredited.

Companies interested in SecureTech track can find out more on the details of the process in our Guidelines (590.10KB).

To achieve accreditation, companies have to be evaluated on three aspects: Technical, Financial and Operations, as shown in Figure 1.



To date, we have accredited a varied of innovative tech products and more companies are currently undergoing the accreditation process.

Helping Companies Win Work

  • Strategic Partnerships

    Strategically reached out to more than 250 key decision makers in more than 100 government agencies and leading enterprises, to create recurring market access platforms.

  • Co-Created Projects

    Co-created strategic projects to generate breakthrough market opportunities.

  • Worldwide Footprint

    Accelerated expansion into international markets through strategic partners’ worldwide footprint.

  • Increased Company Valuation

    Increased the company’s attractiveness to investors and increase the company’s valuation.

Continuing Outcomes (Updated as of March 2022)

Over S$814 million worth of project opportunities created for accredited companies. To date, over 2,000 projects have been awarded.

The accreditation process and increased business traction also increases the attractiveness for growth capital investment by changing the risk reward ratio for investors. To-date, more than S$450 million of new growth capital has been invested in our companies during and after accreditation.

Accreditation Process

A summary of the process for Accreditation@SGD is illustrated in the figure below.


Interested companies can find out more on the details of the process in our Guidelines (1.10MB) and Terms and Conditions (184.03KB).


Accreditation banner

SG:D Accredited Company list


Accreditation Colour-01

SG:D Accredited Companies' Use Cases


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Last updated on: 10 Jun 2022