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IMDA-accredited Aiven set to power APAC’s digital transformation
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IMDA-accredited Aiven set to power APAC’s digital transformation

When Finland-based open source cloud data platform company Aiven, was considering locations for their Asia Pacific headquarters, Singapore was top of the list. As Oskari Saarenmaa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Aiven explained, “We chose to put our Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore due to the availability of skilled workers, the central location within Asia Pacific and the ease of doing business.” Aiven’s decision was also influenced by the rapid regional expansion of their partners, which resulted in more customers migrating their data to the cloud.

To strengthen their footprint in Singapore and the region, Aiven strategically enrolled in the IMDA Accreditation programme in December 2021. Launched in July 2014, the programme is crucial in enhancing the credibility of technology providers in the local Infocomm Media (ICM) technology ecosystem. It also positions companies like Aiven as a key influencer in promoting the adoption of open source data solutions among businesses.

A group photo of Aiven's founders, from left to right: Mika Eloranta, Hannu Valtonen, Oskari Saarenmaa and Heikki Nousiainen.
Established in 2016, Aiven’s founders include (left to right) Mika, Hannu, CEO Oskari and CTO Heikki.

Empowering clients with future ready solutions

Founded in 2016, Aiven is a technology powerhouse that provides a unified platform for managed cloud services for open source databases, messaging systems and other data-related technologies. With a commitment to simplifying and accelerating digital transformation, Aiven's data platform streamlines processes and offers digital solutions that assist businesses in transitioning from legacy systems to a hybrid or multi-cloud approach. The platform, equipped with 11 distinct open source technologies, ensures flexibility, reach and capacity to meet the unique and complex database requirements of companies across various verticals, ultimately simplifying data infrastructure management for their customers.

A photo of Aiven's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder Heikki Nousiainen.

Sharing his thoughts on the complexity of today's technology problems, CTO and co-founder of Aiven, Heikki Nousiainen said, "Technology problems of today are so complex that there’s simply no one technology that covers all the different aspects. We want to bring the best mix and the best tools for individual problems into the hands of developers to ensure that we don’t just have one solution attempting to cover everything. Instead, we adapt to the diverse array of challenges, ensuring a more efficient and effective solution for each unique problem.”

With Aiven’s help, businesses can concentrate on customer-centric innovation while benefiting from a robust and dependable cloud infrastructure for their operations.

Scaling Aiven in Singapore with IMDA Accreditation

The programme is proof to a company’s high standards of performance, reliability and security, and is instrumental in promoting the next generation of digital expertise and business. Being IMDA-accredited offered Aiven credibility and its customers trust in the company which facilitated its establishment in Singapore and the broader region.

The programme catalyses the growth of promising Singapore-based enterprise technology product companies. By helping these companies establish credentials with potential buyers and investors, build business traction and compete globally, the programme opens doors for their solutions to be showcased and adopted on a wider scale. IMDA-Accredited companies like Aiven gain exclusive access to strategic partnerships, increased branding and visibility, as well as initiatives for fundraising and talent recruitment.

A photo of Aiven's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder Oskari Saarenmaa.

On IMDA’s support and partnership, Oskari remarked, "The team from IMDA have been incredibly supportive, and the ongoing events they have run have been a very efficient use of time, giving us exposure to groups of relevant customers." Aiven actively participated in IMDA-led events such as joint webinars, ‘speed dating’ sessions and pitch events, engaging with over 300 registrations and dozens of executives.

Some of the key benefits of the programme is that it validates the quality, reliability and security of the accredited company's tech products and services, while enhancing the company's reputation within the industry. Aiven attests to this, as their collaboration with IMDA not only boosted credibility but also facilitated meaningful connections with potential customers. "IMDA gave us wide exposure through their website, EDMs, and social media channels, giving us a level of confidence to customers in the region,” shared Oskari.

Accreditation contributes to the scaling of fast-growing companies like Aiven within the open source community, making a positive impact on a diverse range of businesses. To sum up his experience, Oskari said, "Working with IMDA is a strong value add to the business, further establishing our credentials here in Singapore. We are both grateful and excited to further our working relationship with IMDA."

A photo of a lady working on her laptop in an open area in an office by a pantry.
IMDA Accreditation has opened doors and accelerated Aiven's growth in the open source community.

The key to business acceleration and digital transformation

Aiven's journey in the ASEAN region, supported by the IMDA Accreditation programme, showcases the positive impact of strategic collaborations, ultimately benefitting the broader business community in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The holistic ecosystem of benefits provided from being accredited, from enhanced credibility and visibility to networking opportunities and access to resources, positions businesses to grow and compete on local, regional, and global stages.

With IMDA’s support, Aiven has a platform to contribute to the advancement of the open source community with its digital solutions and capabilities. Other businesses and innovative tech companies can navigate the complexities of digital transformation and establish a strong market presence through collaborations with IMDA.

Embrace the opportunities that accreditation offers and propel your business into the digital future.


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