MicroSec Technology

Website: www.usec.io

Contact: Vishram Mishra
Tel: 9392 9521

Email: vishram@usec.io

Category: Cybersecurity

Sub category: IoT Security Management Suite

MicroSec have worked on securing large, complex IOT ecosystem from modern cyber threats for months before inventing and patenting “MicroPKI” technology. With MicroPKI, you get TLS (Transport Layer Security) + PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) in the IOT world. TLS has been the gold standard for Internet Security. MicroSec has re-adapted it for the IOT world.

MicroPKI consists of 2 modules:

  • MicroSDK – embedded software installed on the device that issues a unique Micro Certificate
  • MicroPKI – backend application software that issues, renews, revokes Micro Certificate and enforces enterprise security policies

With Certificate, each device mutually authenticate with the Server, generates encryption keys for each session and encrypt the data to its final destination even if it has to pass through various public and private networks. The security life cycle of millions of IOT devices can be managed remotely.

MicroSec Solution

Microsec Infographic (218.07KB)


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