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Contact: Fong Ming Sing
Tel: 6602 8209

Founded in June 2020, Regtank is a Singapore headquartered leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology company providing a one-stop end-to-end Know-Your-Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML) compliance solutions for Fintechs navigating compliance, security and risk management challenges in the most effective manner.

Adopting a risk-based approach (RBA) incorporating KYC, KYB, and KYT into a single consolidated platform with customisable risk parameters, Regtank has innovated a comprehensive and advanced AML/CFT smart risk assessment engine that can automatically classify the risk of individuals tailored to the risk matrix of the clients. Regtank today provides risk assessment and management, screening, record keeping, ongoing due diligence, transaction monitoring, and blockchain analytics.

Regtank aims to empower and safeguard FinTech companies from new market threats, compliance, and managing regulatory obligations to equip our clients with a 360° risk profile and holistically approach regulatory compliance.

The Regtank team is currently leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to proactively develop a proprietary blockchain analysis tool. A product featuring their proprietary algorithm of blockchain analysis with AI/Machine Learning technologies will soon be launched. This will help detect AML risk relationships more accurately in blockchain transactions running in real time and applied to the entire network of most of the prominent chains.

Their solution provides crucial analysis to identify and report suspicious transactions and to manage clients' risk exposure to illegal activity with their risk engine with crypto address databases.

Ultimately, Regtank wants to be the go-to AML partner for FinTech companies by automating the entire compliance process on a single, consolidated platform with higher efficiency and lower costs.

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