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Wiz Ai Product Image

Contact person: Jennifer Zhang
Contact: 8289 8646

Category: Data Analytics/ Artificial Intelligence

Sub-category: Conversational AI Voicebot

Wiz. Ai is a fast-growing company deploying cutting edge conversational voice AI technology into enterprises. Backed by globally leading R&D team of scientists, researchers, linguists, industry experts, Wiz is constantly pushing the boundaries of humanistic AI conversation for ASEAN languages.

Wiz’s AI Talkbot Platform enables enterprises to automate telephonic and app-based voice conversations. Powered by their robust proprietary speech-recognition and NLP engines, Wiz AI Talkbot Platform is able to analyse spoken voice data and handle complex multi-round conversation intents, empowering Enterprises to automate the full-landscape of customer service engagement.

With diverse industrial modules, Wiz increases customer satisfaction with seamless and personalised experiences, realises tremendous cost savings with handling large call volumes and drastically improve productivity for customer outreach in scale.

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