Cybersecurity refers to measures and techniques to protect the integrity of data, computing devices, and other systems from damage or theft and prevent the disruption of the functionality of these systems. These measures include encryption techniques, cyber-intelligence and the development of security control mechanisms.

Reaping the full benefits of our future digital economy

As we move into an era of increasingly complicated cyber threats, it becomes crucial that we are equipped to address and tackle various cybersecurity challenges, and ensure that Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) are resilient to cyber-attacks. In doing so, we can reap the full benefits of our digital economy.

Cybersecurity Start-up Hub

ICE71 is the region’s first cybersecurity start-up hub. It aims to strengthen Singapore’s cybersecurity ecosystem and mitigate the increasing cybersecurity risks by attracting new talent. The hub also supports young cybersecurity entrepreneurs and start-ups from all over the world through a range of programmes, and by providing them with market access and introducing them to corporate partners.

Cybersecurity for You

  • SkillsFuture Cybersecurity Series

    SkillsFuture Cybersecurity Series

    A curated list of short, industry-relevant training programmes that focus on emerging skills.

  • National Cybersecurity Postgraduate Scholarship (NCPS)

    National Cybersecurity Postgraduate Scholarship (NCPS)

    Jointly offered by IMDA and National Cybersecurity R&D Programme and hosted at National Research Foundation (NRF), NCPS seeks to develop knowledge and skills in infocomm security expertise and groom leaders in this field. 

  • IMDA IMTalent

    IMDA IMTalent

    Explore training programmes and courses in skills upgrading and mastery in cybersecurity for tertiary students and professionals.

Cybersecurity for Business

Cybersecurity Associates and Technologists (CSAT) A joint initiative of Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency and IMDA, CSAT aims to help Singapore companies enrich their cybersecurity talent pool by partnering companies to train rookie and veteran IT professionals for cybersecurity roles. Partners of this programme include:



Singtel launched its Cyber Security Institute in April 2016, where trainees learn to moniter and assess cyber threats and also interact with and customise cybersecurity solutions for clients. It also simulates cybersecurity attacks for board members, C-suite management and frontline cybersecurity staff to solve.

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With common cybersecurity threats in Singapore like ransomware and phishing, and the need for up to 3,400 full-time cybersecurity professionals, PwC recognises the need to scale up fast. It provides a mix of self-directed learning, classroom training and on-job mentoring which lasts for 3 years.

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Last updated on: 01 Dec 2022