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An alternative version of events, Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen brings Singapore’s favourite recruits back to the days before enlistment in Ah Boys To Men. Instead of Pulau Tekong, the Ah Boys are posted to the Naval Diving Unit (NDU). Returning to active duty are familiar characters – Ken Chow (Joshua Tan), the spoilt, rich kid, who tries to “keng” (fake illness) his way out of NS; Aloysius Jin aka Wayang King (Maxi Lim), whose over-enthusiasm creates more problems for his cabin mates; Lobang (Wang Weiliang), the street-smart wheeler dealer, out to make a quick buck off his cabin mates. Joining them is new face Hei Long aka The Black Dragon (Wesley Wong), an aggressive gang leader, who prefers to talk with his fists instead of his mouth. Together, this ragtag band of misfits must somehow survive 40 weeks of training from hell. Do they have what it takes to become part of one of Singapore’s most fearsome military units – the Frogmen?




Running time

150 minutes



Key cast

Wang Weiliang, Tosh Zhang, Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Wesley Wong

International sales/distribution

mm2 Entertainment


leonardlai@jteam.com.sg, simweeboon@mm2entertainment.com

Year of release

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