mm2 Entertainment | Production Company

Headquartered in Singapore, mm2 Entertainment is a producer of films and TV/online content. mm2 Entertainment provides services that cover the entire film-making process, including securing financing, production and distribution, as well as securing advertising and sponsorship. mm2 Entertainment has country offices and strategic partnerships in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the U.S.

To date, mm2 Entertainment has produced and distributed over 100 films across Asia since 2008. mm2 Entertainment’s productions such as the Ah Boys to Men franchise and Vampire Cleanup Department have garnered commercial success. In 2017, mm2 productions received critical acclaim, of which Show Me Your Love competed in the Best Actress category at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, and Shuttle Life won Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Actor in the Asian New Talent Award category at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.

mm2 Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of mm2 Asia Ltd. – the first Singaporean film production company to be listed on the SGX Mainboard.