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Jianhao, Zach and Square are buddies who spend most of their time together, going through thick and thin. While the playful trio have their share of fun and problems, their days are relatively peaceful, till Zach suggests that they join Zhihua, an influential triad boss for income and ‘protection’. Jianhao and Square try their best to stay away from the illegal activities, but still end up entangled in Zach’s unlawful dealings. Things take a bad turn when Zach injures and put Alex - the only son of Guodong, the ruthless triad leader of a rival clan - into a coma. Guodong vows to avenge his son, forcing the trio to go into hiding. Will Zhihua come to their rescue? Or will Guodong catch up with them?

Produced by


Running time

92 minutes


Red 2K

Key cast

Li Nanxing, Chiang Tsu-Ping, Liu Kai Chi, Patrick Li, Edwin Goh, Ian Fang, Kimberly Chia, Phua Yu Da, Elizabeth Lee

International sales/distribution

(65) 6376 0177

Year of release

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