fortune handbook

A comedy about a fortune god intern, sent to do good on Earth. His eagerness to get promoted to a true fortune god leads him to Soh Hock, who works in his brother-in-law Hao Xing's traditional Chinese bakery. Hao Xing loves his sister, but despises Soh Hock, as Soh Hock has been plotting to sell his secret recipe to pay off gambling debts. Soh Hock's wish comes true though mind control; an ability granted by the mischievous fortune god, who has been granting everyone's wishes without a care, causing confusion, pain, and suffering. That is, until Heaven steps in to prevent a true catastrophe.

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Running time

99 minutes



Key cast

Christopher Lee, Li Nanxing, Mark Lee, Vivian Lai

International sales/distribution

mm2 Entertainment


(65) 6376 0177

Year of release

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