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Most people do not give much thought about their taxi journeys, perceiving their meetings with taxi drivers as mere one-off random encounters. What happens when two taxi drivers who have absolutely nothing in common meet each other? Taxi! Taxi! begins with the chance encounter of two taxi drivers with vastly disparate troubles – one is a retrenched science professor, whose niche area of research caused difficulties seeking re-employment, and so turned to taxi-driving to make ends meet, while the other is a veteran driver who has difficulties making a commitment, whether he’s setting a life goal or loving a woman, as he changes targets as frequently as the destinations of each boarding passenger. The two men embark on life-changing journeys in their taxis, helping each other along the way to discover the sides of themselves they never knew, and eventually reach their respective destinations in life to become better men.




Running time

93 minutes



Key cast

Gurmit Singh, Mark Lee, Dr. Jia Jia

International sales/distribution

Golden Village Pictures, PMP Entertainment, Ram Entertainment


Year of release

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