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Our Subsidiaries

IMDA’s Singapore Network Information Centre

In fulfilling its multi-faceted role, IMDA wholly owns the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) which administers the Internet domain name space in Singapore.

Formed in October 1995, SGNIC is committed to providing Internet registry and information services in an efficient, effective and reliable manner to enhance the security, stability and resiliency of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure in Singapore and to foster the integrity and growth of .SG domain names.

For more information on SGNIC, please visit

IMDA’s Pick Network Pte Ltd

Pick Network Pte Ltd (pick!) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) incorporated to deploy, own and operate the Nationwide Parcel Locker network across Singapore. pick! will deliver consistent service experience and establish the pervasive distribution of lockers. 

As a neutral and trusted operator, pick! will ensure fair and open access to the deployed locker network, allowing all delivery & logistic service providers to serve their customers. pick! seamlessly links e-commerce retailers and logistics service providers into a secured parcel delivery nationwide network situated in Singapore’s heartlands while providing affordable pricing for logistics service providers to adopt the network.


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