The infocomm sector is one of two important sectors that the IMDA promotes and regulates. A dynamic sector that involves fast moving startups as well as large multinationals, its impact is felt across multiple industries.

As every company becomes a technology company in a digitally disrupted world, IMDA seeks to draw on infocomm technologies as a fuel for Singapore’s engine of growth. Key to this is harnessing the capabilities that ICM provides.

Each sector has its unique needs, so we work with the industry to deliver targeted, tailored programmes that help businesses transform. Through innovation, each one can ride the wave of disruption.

In education, emerging technologies are making lessons more engaging and enriching. In financial services, our programmes help entrench Singapore’s reputation as a trusted gateway.

In the same way, our transformation efforts are making a difference to the healthcare, trade, logistic, tourism, hospitality and retail sectors, as they build up their digital capabilities.

IMDA will continue its work of transforming the ICM sector to create digital companies and capabilities of the future. Find out more withInfocomm Media Industry Transformation Map (129.76KB).

Last updated on: 04 Jun 2019