Data Innovation


Data is an intangible asset that has potential to reshape entire industries. Data flow is essential in powering the Digital Economy because we are dealing with increasingly borderless, inter-connected online platforms. In enabling data flow and data sharing for innovation, establishing trust between data providers can be complex, with various interconnected considerations of business, law and technology.

IMDA plays two roles to promote the responsible use of data so that innovative technologies and businesses can explore and grow, while building consumer trust:

  • a strong facilitative role with industry to drive innovation for the Digital Economy and catalyse the development of the Singapore data innovation ecosystem;
  • a progressive regulator supportive of the growth of a data driven economy, through practical guidance and if necessarily regulatory sandbox to support data innovation.


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To help businesses increase their competitive advantage and build consumer trust, IMDA has launched the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification to help organisations demonstrate sound and accountable data protection practices.

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Last updated on: 01 Oct 2020