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Ship Station Licence


Singapore registered ships require the Ship Station Licence (“SSL”) for the operation of the radio-communication equipment installed on-board the vessels.

When applying for the licence please submit

  • the Certificate of Registry or Harbour/Pleasure Craft Licence from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and;
  • The Maritime Mobile Service Identity letter from Singapore Telecommunications Limited.

Explore the requirements and regulations set forth by IMDA for the operation of ship station equipment in Singapore to ensure adherence to regulatory standards and promote safety and efficiency in maritime communication.

Who is this for

Company or individuals.


$100 for 5 years.

How to apply

Apply online via GoBusiness.

General/Restricted Operator’s Certificate

Operators of radio communications equipment on board vessels equipped with radio-communication apparatus or holding a Ship Station Licence require The General Operator's Certificate of Competency (“GOC”) or The Restricted Operator's Certificate of Competency (“ROC”).

The holder of a ROC can only operate the ship station in Sea Area A1 (59.07KB).

When applying for the certificates, please submit the following:

  • soft copy of passport size photograph,
  • medical fitness certificate,
  • GMDSS GOC/ROC examination result slip from the Singapore Maritime Academy, and
  • Statutory Declaration Form (11.63KB)

Who is it for?



$10 for 5 years.

How to apply?

Apply online via GoBusiness.

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