Singapore registered ships require the Ship Station Licence (“SSL”) for the operation of the radio-communication equipment installed on-board the vessels.

When applying for the licence please submit

  • the Certificate of Registry or Harbour/Pleasure Craft Licence from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and;
  • The Maritime Mobile Service Identity letter from Singapore Telecommunications Limited.

Who is this for

Company or individuals.


$100 for 5 years

How to apply

Click here to apply online via GoBusiness.

General/Restricted Operator’s Certificate

Operators of radio communications equipment on board vessels equipped with radio-communication apparatus or holding a Ship Station Licence require The General Operator's Certificate of Competency (“GOC”) or The Restricted Operator's Certificate of Competency (“ROC”).

The holder of a ROC can only operate the ship station in Sea Area A1 (59.07KB).

When applying for the certificates, please submit the following:

  • soft copy of passport size photograph,
  • medical fitness certificate,
  • GMDSS GOC/ROC examination result slip from the Singapore Maritime Academy, and
  • Statutory Declaration Form (11.63KB)

Who is it for?



$10 for 5 years.

How to apply?

Click here to apply online via GoBusiness.

Further Information

Last updated on: 28 Jun 2022