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IMDA Accreditation sets IOT start-up Willowmore on path to success

IMDA Accreditation sets IOT start-up Willowmore on path to success

Willowmore's Co-Founder Joseph shares how IMDA Accreditation has opened doors to new partnerships.

Sites such as data centres and telecommunication towers are considered critical infrastructure – their continued operation is essential to the security of a country, its economy, and society. However, despite their status, many are still secured using mechanical devices, such as traditional locks, that are vulnerable to tampering and lack proper control and monitoring. According to Joseph Tey, Founder and Managing Partner of Willowmore, this not only increases security risks, but it also generates a significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions due to the millions of kilometres driven to retrieve physical keys.

Joseph and his team saw an opportunity to develop a digital solution that would strengthen the security of critical infrastructure. Willowmore’s Enterprise Internet of Things (IOT) Smart Lock is a keyless smart lock system that enables companies to issue virtual keys to the smartphones of authorised personnel. Besides eliminating the need for physical keys, the Enterprise IOT Smart Lock also provides a comprehensive audit trail of access records. Site access can be continuously monitored through artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, further enhancing security. Environmental sensors can also be added to enrich site visibility. 

Demonstration of Willowmore's Enterprise IoT Smart Lock eliminates physical keys and enhances security.
Willowmore's Enterprise IOT Smart Lock enables companies to issue virtual keys to the smartphones of authorised personnel.

Since 2018, Willowmore’s Enterprise IOT Smart Lock was well received by the industry regionally, with Singaporean and Indonesian players in critical infrastructure adopting its products. The company began thinking about breaking into new markets like Malaysia and Australia. However, there were certain considerations. “As a Singaporean company, we wanted to be successful on home ground before we considered regional and global expansion. After doing quite a bit of research, we realised that in order to establish ourselves in the Singapore market, we needed to show that our business was reliable. The IMDA Accreditation programme stood out to us – the framework they provide is trusted by so many of the government agencies in Singapore,” said Joseph.

The IMDA Accreditation programme provides assurance for Singapore-based companies that have developed or own innovative infocomm media products. The programme provides a streamlined procurement process for IMDA-accredited products and services by qualifying the vendor for projects with government buyers and create new business opportunities with large enterprises with recurring market access platforms. For buyers, the accreditation process provides an independent third-party evaluation of these companies’ product core functionalities and their ability to deliver.

IMDA Accreditation changed the game for us. It helped us establish credibility with customers in key industries and paved the way for exciting new ventures, like our successful partnership with PUB.

Joseph Tey

Founder and Managing Partner, Willowmore

Accreditation opened doors to partnership with PUB

Backview of Willowmore Co-Founder Joseph and a crewmate on site at Public Utilities Board (PUB).
With the help of IMDA Accreditation, Willowmore secured a project with PUB, Singapore's water agency.

After being accredited by IMDA, Willowmore landed a project with the Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore's national water agency. The company was tasked to help PUB develop a system to secure sludge trucks and prevent illegal dumping by general waste collectors. Joseph and his team developed a Smart Lock access control system that enabled drivers to verify and unlock the truck with a touch of a button on their smartphones. Through this system, all activities are captured and logged in the web portal, which allowed PUB managers to monitor remotely if sludge is being loaded and unloaded at the designated place and by the right driver. In addition to strengthening security, Willowmore’s solution has helped PUB streamline workflow and enhance operational efficiency. "Smart locks allow PUB to save on manhours previously used to manually check locks, track geolocation, and driver behaviour," Joseph explained. 

Illustration of how the Willowmore's Enterprise IOT Smart Lock app works on a smartphone.
Willowmore's Smart Lock enhances security, streamlines workflow, and improves efficiency.

Willowmore’s Smart Lock solution has been implemented at various PUB locations including the Marina Barrage. Since it first began its partnership with PUB, Willowmore’s mandate has expanded five times to include locations such as water supplies, rooftops, and waste drops.

IMDA Accreditation – offering businesses the competitive edge

Joseph shared that the accreditation process was rigorous but greatly benefitted Willowmore. IMDA’s comprehensive assessment of the company’s financial and technological performance identified ways in which they could improve and enhance their operations.

The process to get accredited required significant effort from our team, mainly because we didn’t know what we didn’t know about our company’s performance. With the support of IMDA, and having gone through this accreditation process, we have not only enhanced our credibility and reputation, but also raised the quality of our products and services to meet the high standards required by customers.

Joseph Tey

Founder and Managing Partner, Willowmore

Through the IMDA Accreditation programme, Willowmore unlocked opportunities with customers such as PUB, and received a stamp of approval that has helped them grow their presence in the Singapore market. The programme also offers Singapore’s tech start-ups access to key decision makers in government agencies and leading enterprises, helps with increasing companies’ visibility in local and regional markets, and provides support with fundraising and talent recruitment. Discover how your business can follow in the footsteps of Willowmore and explore the benefits of IMDA Accreditation programme here.


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