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IMDA's TIP Alliance opened the doors to a tech career for Ihsan

IMDA's TIP Alliance opened the doors to a tech career for Ihsan

As a young boy, Ihsan Nursaqif was fascinated by computers. While he enjoyed playing games on the family computer, he often found himself unknowingly downloading viruses that wreaked havoc on the device. This sparked a desire to pick up digital skills from learning about cybersecurity and how to protect his tech devices from malicious software. This interest grew as Ihsan became older, prompting him to consider a career in tech.

Ihsan Nursaqif Profile
Ihsan is currently pursuing a computing degree in school while working as a cyber analyst.

After completing his Nitec certification at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Diploma in Cyber and Digital Security at Temasek Polytechnic, Ihsan met with challenges in entering the tech industry, as companies typically prefer experienced hires. He then stumbled upon the Fusion programme, an integrated work and study programme offered by National Computer Systems (NCS), as part of the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) for ITE and Polytechnics Alliance (TIP Alliance), which offered him a chance to take on a tech job while obtaining a degree. Ihsan is now pursuing a Major in Applied Computing at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) while working as a cyber analyst in NCS. In his role, he works with government and audit teams to implement security services, which are compliant with security standards and meet industry best practices.

I’ve always been passionate about technology but found it challenging to break into the tech workforce without relevant work experience. Through the TIP Alliance programme, I gained knowledge, useful skills, and invaluable real-life experiences in the various areas of cybersecurity. It’s been an incredibly fruitful journey.

Ihsan Nursaqif

Cyber Analyst, NCS

Paving the path from student to tech professional

The TIP Alliance is an industry led alliance co-chaired by the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) and SG Tech, with the objective of starting a movement for companies across sectors to provide upskilling and employment opportunities for polytechnics and ITE graduates and students and champion skills-based hiring that looks beyond academic qualifications. Currently, there are 15 progressive organisations onboard the TIP Alliance.

One such active partner of the TIP Alliance is NCS, providing students and young professionals with the opportunity to attain hands-on experience and digital skills in various aspects of cybersecurity and receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals within the company.

Ihsan imagined as a man in a robot armour equipped with cybersecurity and digital skills.
The opportunity to study and gain hands-on experience equipped Ihsan with essential cybersecurity skills.

Equipping the next generation of cybersecurity experts

Through the TIP Alliance, IMDA and industry partners such as NCS come together to maximise students’ potential and help them to chart a career in tech. The programme provided Ihsan to the opportunity to equip himself with skills necessary to take up tech job opportunities and be a part of Singapore’s digital growth. Ihsan is grateful that the TIP Alliance gave him an avenue to unlock his potential in the tech sector and upskill himself.

Ihsan’s studies and training at work have given him many rewarding experiences and technical skills that both encouraged and challenged him. At NCS, Ihsan participated in an intricate project that required analysing and identifying vulnerabilities in a complex network infrastructure. The experience not only honed his analytical skills, but it also gave him the chance to work with a team of passionate and driven cybersecurity professionals. Ihsan shared that being able to apply theoretical knowledge from what he learnt in school to real-life situations in his tech job meant he could easily troubleshoot issues and make meaningful contributions to his team.

He pointed out that a standout feature of this arrangement at work is the flexibility and mentorship provided by his colleagues and supervisors. Balancing work and study can be difficult, and Ihsan has been able to do so effectively thanks to the support of his colleagues. This has been crucial in helping him develop his technical skills and build his confidence.

“The programme has helped me improve my time management. My colleagues have offered me a lot of flexibility for school submissions and my supervisor has been an excellent mentor. These have been of great help in ensuring my professional development and work-life balance,” said Ihsan.

IMDA TIP Alliance beneficiary Ihsan on his laptop in an office pantry chatting with a female colleague
Ihsan is on his way to achieving his cybersecurity career goals at NCS through the TIP Alliance.

Reflecting on his time in the programme, Ihsan credits the TIP Alliance for providing valuable work experience and professional growth. He is grateful for the experience and excited about the prospects made possible by the TIP Alliance and NCS.

“I went from not knowing where to go next, to now doing something that I genuinely enjoy, within such a supportive network. It’s been an incredibly fruitful journey. I’ve been able to obtain certifications in aspects of cybersecurity that I am interested in. I look forward to continuing learning and developing my digital skillset,” said Ihsan.

Shaping the future of tech talent: TIP Alliance

For individuals keen on becoming tech professionals, maximising pre-employment training can kickstart their digital career in the industry. The TIP Alliance provides Singaporean ITE and Polytechnic students and graduates with the opportunity to get practical work experience and develop technical skills that empowers them to succeed in today's dynamic tech landscape.

Learn more about the TIP Alliance and its mission to shape the future of tech education and employment outcomes.


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