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seer. (“AI Seer Pte. Ltd.”) is on a mission to disseminate Interactive AI to authenticate human interactions and integrity and the need to do so has risen greatly since they were seed-funded by Tim Draper and Draper Associates.

Contact person: Dennis Yap
Contact: 8305 0508

seer. (“AI Seer Pte. Ltd.”) is on a mission to “Integrate authentication into information streams to check untruths” and the need to do so has risen greatly since we were seed-funded by Tim Draper and Draper Associates and Amand Ventures. Sometimes, it is because people with influence gratuitously misstate facts or intentionally lie, which is why they are willing products into the future that can automatically check the licentiousness of untrue speech. This is to fulfill the vision to enable more perceptive people and machines to safeguard not just individuals from reality distortion, but the very fabric of social trust from the viral spread of fake news, scams, and lies.

As a deep-tech startup, their purpose is to enhance the discernment of intention, emotion, (re)cognition, and action, and they have invented the world’s first Multi-Spectral Reality Detector (“MSRD”) and conducted more than 300 experimental sessions. The MSRD is a groundbreaking advancement in cognitive and autonomic nervous system monitoring and credibility assessment that has been sold both through a paid pilot and as an MVP for a premium of more than half a million as a high-quality physical video collection and analysis system whose sensors enhance the senses of even polygraphers working to secure their nations. Some of their cutting-edge computer vision modules can extract heart and respiration rates among other indicators virtually to detect signs of confidence or stress and they are developing vocal and verbal modules to do the same. Their patent-pending Generative AI product, Facticity is a fact-checking tool that will automatically extract, analyze, sort, and check factual claims in audio and video. Its fact-checking layer is in open beta at https://www.Facticity.AI, and as of Jan 2024, and is outperforming other benchmarks in Fact-checking. They have been invited to demo the MSRD and Facticity to HTX’s Hatch’s users.


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