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A dashboard mockup of Digital Shadows' product, an IMDA Accredited company that protects businesses against cyber security threats

Contact person: Lawrence Loh
Contact: 9762 7007

Digital Shadows, an IMDA Accredited company, provides comprehensive digital risk protection solutions for businesses seeking to ensure data protection and privacy. Their innovative tools and technologies help organisations effectively manage digital security threats, while maintaining their cyber resilience in the face of evolving risks.

Digital Shadows was founded in 2011 and has offices in London, San Francisco, Dallas, Singapore and Germany. Digital Shadows help businesses maintain their cybersecurity framework and prevent unwanted exposure and external threats. Organisations can suffer regulatory fines, loss of intellectual property, and reputational damage when digital risk is left unmanaged. Digital Shadows’ SearchLight™ helps to minimise these risks by continually identifying where the assets are exposed, providing sufficient context to understand the risk and options for remediation. Hundreds of organisations use SearchLight™ to help reduce their digital risk. While other providers focus on specific areas, such as the dark web or social media, the breadth of sources and service offered by Digital Shadows is unrivalled. Digital Shadows is the Leader in Digital Risk Protection and was recognised in the Forrester New Wave for the strongest current offering, strategy, and market presence for Digital Risk Protection and given the highest rating possible in nine criteria.

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