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IMDA Accredited company:

Contact person: Shadus ONG
Contact: 9852 7862
Email: is Democratising Artificial Intelligence for Everyone, an IMDA Accredited company, provides businesses with cutting-edge AI and machine learning solutions that enable them to harness the power of data and make informed decisions.

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud offers an end-to-end platform that democratises artificial intelligence, enabling every employee, customer, and citizen with sophisticated AI technology and easy-to-use AI applications.

Put AI Applications in the Hands of Business Users

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud has an open source lightweight Python development framework that makes it easy for developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers to make sophisticated AI applications. These AI applications can be rapidly deployed and hosted in an AppStore for business users to consume.

Responsible AI the Business Trusts

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud produces over a dozen analyses to help organisations validate models, remove bias, and interpret the results. The user interface provides sophisticated visuals to help customers explore the results. Additionally, H2O provides Automatic Model Documentation, providing detailed and shareable insights about the trained model.

Rapidly Make World-Class AI Models and Apps

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud's comprehensive digital solutions provide automation capabilities for every step of the data science lifecycle, including data visualisation, feature engineering, algorithm selection, and hyper-parameter tuning. The AutoML was designed and built by Kaggle Grandmasters, the top data scientists in the world, enabling both novices and experts to rapidly make highly accurate and robust models. H2O’s AutoML supports tabular, time series, text, audio, image, and video data from one platform.

Connect Anything, Deploy Anywhere

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud is an open platform, deployed with Kubernetes that allows customers to run in any cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Models (MOJOs) deployed with the platform run anywhere, including virtual machines and IOT devices. They provide over 200 data connectors, over 180 open-source Python scripts (recipes), and allow customers to use their own libraries, custom algorithms, model transformers, measures, and scorers of choice. H2O AI Hybrid Cloud offers REST APIs for integration with other technology. H2O open source can be completely customised to meet customer needs.

Run Fast and Scale Out

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud rapidly and efficiently trains models on both purpose-built and commodity hardware. They provide highly optimised processing for both CPUs and GPUs and distributed processing for terabyte-sized datasets. Additionally, H2O models (MOJOs) produce scores with sub-millisecond latency.

6 stages in a successful AI project, part of H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, an IMDA Accredited company

We see 6 stages in a successful AI project and all these are encapsulated in H2O AI Hybrid Cloud.

Prepare: Full suite of data preparation, data engineering, data labeling, and automatic feature engineering tools to accelerate time to insight.

Model: Award-winning Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) technology to solve the most challenging problems, including Computer Vision, Time Series and Natural Language Processing.

Explain: Industry-leading toolkit of explainable and responsible AI methods to combat bias and increase transparency into machine learning models.

Operate: Deploy models in any environment and enable drift detection, automatic retraining, custom alerts, and real-time monitoring.

Develop: Fast development of AI applications through an open-source, light-weight Python development framework.

Consume: Data science teams can quickly share their applications with team members and business users, encouraging company-wide adoption.

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