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Contact person:
Nicolette Hendricks
9727 7047

Founded in 2013, Hendricks Corps is a Singapore-Based IT Software Company that specializes in Video Analytics and Big Data Analytics Solutions for their customers. They operate in the areas of Physical Security, License Plate Recognition, Media Content Analysis, Fire/Smoke and Retail Space. They envision themselves to be a leader in Video Analytics solutions offering and have customers around the globe. Hendricks Corp’s technologies provide real time analysis, ease of use, and application security that provides their clients with a proven technology that has been deployed for more than a decade and continues to evolve as the information technology landscape changes.

The company’s success has been achieved by assisting our clients in successfully enhancing their information capability through Big Data and the evolution of their technology. Hendricks Corp has worked closely with its clients in the industry, learning their needs and limitations of other solutions, to develop a cutting-edge smoke and fire detection technology.

Hendricks Infographic (1.99MB)


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