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IndustryApps Logo

Contact person: Marcus Dellith
Contact: 9865 1328

IndustryApps was founded in 2018 by industry experts with a vision to simplify Industry 4.0 Digitalization. Having experienced ourselves the challenges in industrial digitalization in a Fortune 500 company, they created the world’s only open industrial dataspace and solutions ecosystem. Their revolutionary simplified approach can be fully utilized by both SMEs and MNCs.

They deliver digitalization for the industrial world fast, easy, scalable, and cost-efficient. The Smart Factory instance connects your complete IT/OT, enables data ownership & creates a structured DataSpace for you. Benefit from innovative applications from solution partners or link your in-house applications. Their open AppStore and their unique Ecosystem makes digitalization almost as simple as downloading an App for your smartphone while fulfilling industrial needs for data sovereignty, data ownership, data security, and industrial standard adherence.

Start with your DataSpace and scale your digital journey. Easily connect with customers and suppliers, create a digital footprint of your products and be future-ready with your data & apps. The IndustryApps Ecosystem & AppStore is fully agnostic to Industries and Geographies and has been deployed with customers in Europe, Asia and the US. They are currently working with both SMEs and large Enterprises in various countries & Industries to help them with key challenges around agile Tech adoption for manufacturing companies.

As part of IDTA (Industrial Digital Twin Association) and Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, we continue working on new Digital Twin Sub models across product simulations, carbon Footprint analysis and secured data exchange. IndustryApps Dataspace & Ecosystem is fully interconnectable to decentralized digital ecosystems like GAIA-X, Catena-X. IndustryApps outstanding innovation has been recognized by the German Accelerator/ German Entrepreneurship Program in Asia, China and India.

Their COO, Sandeep Sreekumar has been identified as one of the Top 50 Industry 4.0 Influencers globally (2023). IndustryApps is a market ready product and can be deployed across factories as Platform, DataSpace and with desired Applications.

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