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Kinobi Product

Contact Person: Benjamin Wong

Kinobi (842.66KB) is a student success system provider for universities looking to move beyond traditional academic-focused education and embrace a more comprehensive approach to holistic education. Their system helps universities prepare students to be job-ready by simplifying non-academic activities, such as career and internships, mentoring, global programs, student life, and more, to empower student success.

Kinobi provides comprehensive solutions such as career management system, coach and mentoring management system, global exchange management system, student life management system, service learning management system, and other solutions that have been proven to enhance student success while allowing universities to collaborate cross-office more efficiently and at a lower cost.

With over 60 global clients, including higher education institutions, government agencies, and other educational institutions, they are confident that their student success solutions can support your needs. Visit them to learn more about student success solutions.

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