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Nervotec Logo

Contact person: Jonathan Lau / Lim Hui Tien

Founded in June 2020, based in Singapore, Nervotec is committed to be the world’s first company to redefine the limits of technology to make better lives. To this end, they created a first-of-its-kind contactless video-based vital signs monitoring software-only solution that allows our users to monitor their vital signs through any camera-enabled device (i.e., smartphone), within 30 seconds. By enabling real-time access to accurate personal health information, their users will be empowered to take-charge of their health and live the best versions of their lives.

Today, their customer segments include insurance, corporate health and wellness, telemedicine, sports and performance, eldercare and aviation. In addition to their software solution, they adopt an unconventional approach with their client engagements – they collaborate closely with their clients to design and build their digital products depending on their end-user's needs. Traditional modes of health engagement are now outdated, as customers are constantly seeking for an intuitive and seamless mobile experience, while looking to have personalisation in many facets of their everyday life. Nervotec focuses on amalgamation of vital signs, followed by predictive analytics to create a user experience that is seamless, engaging and intuitive.

Using gamification and behavioural-science perspectives, they help curate a user journey that empowers individuals of all ages, to take-charge of their own health. From daily vital sign scans to receiving a health and wellness indicator, to having personalised recommendations, Nervotec aims to create a user journey that begins with each user, to encourage participation, and instill confidence to care for oneself.


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