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Contact person: David Teo

STACS (Hashstacs Pte Ltd) is Asia’s leading ESG FinTech, underpinning the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s Greenprint ESG Registry, enabling financial institutions and corporates across all sectors towards sustainability and net zero.

STACS provides ESGpedia, a one-stop registry of ESG data and certifications, empowering the financial sector and multiple industries towards sustainability through holistic data, digital tools, and effective ESG financing. Powering the MAS's Greenprint ESG Registry, ESGpedia’s technology expertise in data aggregation, data harmonisation, actionable tools, and analytics has benefitted the financial institutions, corporates, and SMEs using the platform to chart their decarbonization and Net Zero pathways, achieve ESG goals, and ensure that capital is effectively mobilised to support sustainability across various industry sectors.

Committed to bringing forward the future of Sustainable Finance, STACS is already empowering various sectors across Asia through real economy use cases, including but not limited to SMEs, real estate, textile, agriculture, fashion and textile, carbon credit, renewable energy certificates, transportation and logistics, hospitality, and more. The registry has ready modules covering various use cases, including sustainability-linked financial products, supplier sustainability monitoring, financial portfolio monitoring, and high-quality carbon credits fractionalisation.

To date, STACS has a robust and rapidly growing ecosystem of clients and partners including global financial institutions and corporates. Full list of partners here:

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