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Contact person: Kendrick Loh
Contact: 9696 2521

Stemly decision intelligence platform is an interconnected solution that bridges decision-making across supply chain operations, finance and sustainability functions. They support executives by assisting them in interconnected decision making across the company, by decoding data science to automate forecasting and optimization for timely information amid a volatile environment.

Their API first approach allows for faster implementation and enables them to manage diverse datasets, including both internal and external data sources. With AI/ML as a foundation of their platform, Stemly delivers automated machine learning and highly accurate forecasts via a next-generation user experience, which allows their customers to enjoy quick return on investment in the form of tangible benefits to their business.

Stemly decision intelligence platform provides customers with solutions such as Cash Flow Planning, Demand Planning, Replenishment Planning & Optimisation, and Sustainability Planning & Optimisation.

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