The Sea Transport Industry Digital Plan (IDP) works as a guide for local SMEs in the Sea Transport industry to digitalise your businesses, plug skills gaps and participate in industry pilot projects.

Aligned to the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map launched in 2018, the Sea Transport IDP is part of the SMEs Go Digital programme.

Who is it for

Local SMEs in the following sub-sectors within the Sea Transport industry:

  • Bunkering
  • Harbour Craft
  • Ship Agency


The IDP provides a step-by-step guide on the digital solutions to adopt at each stage of your growth. For a start, you can use the IDP to find out if your business is digital-ready.

Digital Roadmap

Consultancy and Digital Project Management Services

  • Basic Advisory
    To get a more comprehensive review of your business, you can approach the SME Centre business advisors for free business diagnosis and advisory on digital solutions relevant to your operations.

  • Specialist Consultancy
    SMEs requiring specialist consultancy on more advanced digital solutions will be referred by the SME Centre business advisors to Principal Consultants at the SME Digital Tech Hub.

  • Digital Project Management Services
    SMEs can also engage Digital Project Management Services to support them in the implementation of the digital solutions. The project managers can help with business processes re-engineering and job redesign to get the maximum benefits and have more sustainable outcomes from going digital.

Pre-Approved Solutions

To ease adoption of digital solutions, you can take up pre-approved solutions assessed by IMDA to be effective, market-tested and cost-effective.

These solutions enable increased productivity, real-time response capabilities, and job redesign. Visit MPA website to contact solution providers to purchase and implement digital solutions, with support under the Sea Transport IDP Grant.

SMEs can also participate in digital sector projects that pilot new digital technology solutions that can potentially benefit entire sectors.


Send us your feedback on the IDPs, in this form (269.64KB) (best viewed in Microsoft Word) to info@imda.gov.sg.

Last updated on: 06 Jan 2021